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SVN | Vanguard puts the needs and interests of our clients’ ahead of all else. We not only believe in this principle, we commit to it in writing as a part of our agreements. This is true on a national level, as well as local and is the predominant reason SVN has become one of the most recognized commercial real estate brands in this market and throughout the world.

Sophisticated Local Market Knowledge Backed by National Reach

Here in our market, working with SVN | Vanguard means engaging in a structure that is designed in your favor. Not only do we offer extensive local market knowledge combined with the reach of a national firm, but we do this in a way that saves time and money.

To support these efforts, all SVN | Vanguard Advisors have access to innovative online publication and syndication software, leading-edge research, CRM programs and National Product Councils. This combination of shared expertise and technology allows our Advisors to maximize our client’s time and return.

Through our years of experience in this market, we understand the best way to consistently achieve successful transactions is to maximize the exposure of each and every listing. This means our brokers will not use the initial valuable time after receiving a listing to pursue only contracts that will result in representation of both sides.

While our network of buyers and potential tenants is a strength we utilize regularly, isolating listings to that audience alone can take months, resulting a significant loss of time and limit the offers presented. We commit to our clients in writing that their listing will receive the highest possible exposure from the first day of our representation and moving forward, with the goal of garnering the most offers possible. Every client we represent is presented with as many options as are available in the marketplace.

Through this practice, we are able to expand market reach in and beyond Orange & San Diego Counties to reach a larger buying to leasing population. This allows each of our Advisors to serve their clients on a national level, from Main Street to Wall Street. This increased exposure generates more offers, which leads to more successful transactions.

Compensated Cooperation

Cooperation is not just a buzz word to us. SVN nationally promotes this through our structure, training and philosophy. It is core to our belief system and to our way of doing business.

At SVN | Vanguard, we actively practice Compensated Cooperation. This means that our firm commits to sharing fees equitably on any given transaction with other agents, outside brokers, and independent agents. At no time will we exclude a broker because they are not a part of our network. As a practice, we welcome all outside brokers and buyers. They are invited to opportunities and are rewarded equally for their efforts and relationships.

SVN | Vanguard Advisors believe that Compensated Cooperation is not just in the client’s best interest, but it is simply the right thing to do.

Maximum Exposure & Cooperation = Maximum Value

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